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Process Before After-4Kitchen Remodel - La JollaIf you think you're ready to take that first step into the wonderful world of remodeling, but are a bit unsure of what will happen when you do, this page is for you. First, please spend some time browsing our site. We've built this to be an educational platform about home remodeling and are continuously updating our information through blogs. By spending some time browsing here, you can become a much better informed remodel consumer. See our 8 Step No Hassle Remodel Process below, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions we haven't answered here.

Our 8 Step No Hassle Remodel Process

Complimentary In-Home Consultation and Detailed Line Item Proposal

We will meet with you in your home to discuss and review your project and then provide you with a detailed, line item proposal to make sure that we’ve covered everything!


Let me know any questions you may have

After you've reviewed and considered the proposal, let me know if you have any questions or would like further discussion. I will not bug, pester, annoy or otherwise inconvenience you (other than a follow-up to ensure that you received and understand my quote okay), but further refinement may be needed to ensure that your project looks just the way you want.


Finalize an agreement

Once we’ve worked out all the details of your project in the proposal, we will get together and put a Home Improvement Agreement into place (we can also do this by email if it is more convenient for you). If we are doing extensive design or drafting on your project, we will put a Design Agreement into place.



Field measurements and drafting of your project will take place immediately. We will then produce the needed drawings of your project. Once these are complete, with your approval, the drawings will be sent to our structural engineer, if needed. If your project needs to be submitted for permits (not over the counter permits), this will occur once we have the structural drawings and details back from the engineer. Depending on the municipality, permits that cannot be obtained over the counter can take from 3-6 weeks to be approved.


Shop for and specify your finish products

Depending on the needs of your project, we will connect you with our design and consultation experts. From tile design to plumbing and appliance selection, we partner with some of the best designers, vendors, suppliers and industry leaders in San Diego County. We will make sure that you receive white glove service at all of our preferred vendors! **Note - Cabinetry tends to be the item that takes the longest to obtain – on average 5-6 weeks from time of ordering. We will work to ensure these are on order very early in the design process to avoid delays in commencement.



Once all of your selections and decisions have been made, we'll make sure all the orders placed and confirm delivery windows and lead times to ensure that everything is in place to begin your project.


Schedule and Start

While you're shopping, we put together a production schedule so that you'll know when we're starting, how long we'll take and when you'll be able to enjoy your new dream remodel! Of course, we'll give you at least a few days’ notice as we approach your actual project start date.


Sit back and relax!

Once we start construction, you sit back and relax. We will need your input during the project on specific details and placement of some items, as well as final design choices once things start coming together, but other than that, we'll lose the sleep so you won't have to!

Design-Build Remodeling

A Smoother Process - Design-Build

In today's fast paced world, the sleeker, more efficient and affordable alternative is Design-Build. In Specialty Home Improvement's design-build process, we begin the management of all phases of the project from the first meeting. During the early phases of the design process, we engage our trade partners, contractors, vendors and other industry professionals so that a comprehensive and detailed budget will be ready at the completion of the design. During our design-build process we coordinate with the designer, architect and engineer to ensure that we are working to keep the project on budget while still staying true to the design as much as the budget allows. If we see that the specifications of the project are exceeding the budget parameters, we can put the brakes on the process and meet with the you to examine alternate means to design the project that will help to meet the budget goals.

The advantage of this to you is a much more cohesive and efficient project from start to finish with typically faster design and construction phases due to the integration of the two. Budgets for all phases of the project can also be controlled more readily due to having less fingers reaching into the budget "pie". This process can apply to any size remodeling project - smaller, more intimate kitchen or bath remodels as well as large scale full home improvements and room additions. Every project, even the smaller ones, requires design decisions to be made - from tile layout and paint colors to fixture finishes and cabinet style. Overall, when design and execution are melded very early in the remodel process, the result is a beautiful, efficiently completed, on-budget remodel project for our clients.

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San Diego Interior Design

Interior Design and Remodeling in San Diego often go hand in hand. While not all San Diego remodeling projects will require the full services of an architect or engineer, the high level of sophistication and specifications of many of the nicer remodeling projects in the San Diego will lend themselves nicely to some professional Interior Design services.

At Specialty Home Improvement, we have formed relationships and worked with many of the top San Diego Interior Designers. From the basic kitchen remodel to the luxurious Master Bathroom Remodel, we can match you and your project to a top interior designer that can help bring all of those ideas in your head into reality!

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