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On a recent weekend, as my wife and I enjoyed one of our precious date nights, we reminisced about our day of visiting some of our active San Diego remodeling projects, clients and sites throughout the county. It was a pretty rainy and windy day, usually not the normal scene for a San Diego spring day, but lately, it's been hard to judge what the weather will be like from one day to the next - and these day working on a remodel project in San Diego while it's raining is definitely better than not working at all.

We started off our jaunt around San Diego county with our first stop being a whole house remodel in Delmar. A brief 20 minute visit with our remodel client resulted in a couple of important decisions being made in time for framing on Monday - a new door size to better fit the proportions of the new walk in shower at the master bath area and the all important soap and shampoo niche location at the bathroom remodeling portion of the project were bountiful fruits for the visit.

After that we scooted down to Mission Beach so that I could measure a couple of things on another whole house renovation we were designing. This coastal design build remodel right on the beach side of Mission Blvd. would prove to be a challenge, mainly because of logistics. With limited parking available in this San Diego beach area, the project would need firm coordination of workers and subcontractors.

The next leg of our trip resulted in my wife remembering a great little Greek hole in the wall lunch spot we discovered about a year ago during a kitchen remodel and window replacement project in Poway. Santorini's at the corner of Espola Rd and Camino Del Norte...a great little lunch spot!

Since the client at the kitchen remodel in Ramona had decided to do their own demo, we home construction stopped In to check on progress, drop off some tools that we thought they would find useful and try to stay out of the way. The client in question is a Navy EOD Master Chief, and he had a bunch of people helping that, in the common parlance, like to "blow things up!" Yep, other than a few pointers and clarifications as to what was okay to "blow up" and what wasn't, they didn't need any help from us...

Yes, the Professional Contractor makes a profit, but by doing so he can afford to do more precise work and come back and fix any potential issues that may occur.  You will usually experience shorter project start times and more efficient production schedules with this type of contractor.

Back down the hill into Escondido to get caught up on some paperwork, a seemingly endless task in running a bustling San Diego remodel & design firm, and then a little downtime. With the teenagers headed off to birthday party for a friend, we were left with no other option than to head to arguably the best sushi spot in San Diego.

Specifically, Pacific Beach, home to several of our favorite San Diego residential remodel clients and to Sushi Ota, next to a 7-11, in a strip mall - don't take my word for it - read their reviews! Needless to say, after driving through a full tank of gas and seemingly visiting the four corners while tracking and managing our San Diego county remodeling projects, a little fresh seafood and sake was just what the doctor ordered! For more information about sushi or even to put our extensive San Diego remodeling experience to work for you, contact Sheen Fischer at (760) 738-6270 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Take a quick look at your kitchen cabinets. What do you notice? If you're seeing what most people see, it's mostly doors. Think about what kitchen cabinets in the San Diego remodeling scene and the rest of the world are - basically a box, mostly unfinished on all sides except the face, with a door attached. And, with the trend for the last decade or so being "full overlay" or "Euro-style" cabinets and doors, on many new kitchens, the doors will be the only thing you will see on the exterior of your kitchen cabinets.

With this said, you would think that cabinet manufacturers would be pushing the envelope to develop new cabinet door styles and profiles to meet the whims and wishes of San Diego remodeling clients - a sophisticated lot always looking for the newest in design and remodeling options. Not so. In general when it comes to cabinet doors, there are really 3 basic styles: slab, recessed panel and raised panel. Within these three basic styles, different trim options, mouldings or other applications are used to create different looks. By using these various options when designing kitchen cabinet doors, literally an infinite number of styles would be available.

However, as with anything, unlimited choice often leads to unlimited confusion. And, generally speaking, most of the really cool and popular door styles have already been designed. Interestingly, we find that often when our clients are agonizing over their final selection for their door style in their San Diego kitchen remodel, the difference is either a very big one or a very small one. In other words, our clients may be torn between a shaker style door (which is transitional and, depending on the pull hardware used can be either traditional, contemporary or anywhere in between) and a raised panel door - or, they may be unsure as to whether they want that extra line of detail on the inner edge of their recessed panel door... or not.

Leaning on an experienced San Diego kitchen remodeling contractor or kitchen designer should help to clear up this confusion and get your project moving forward. There's nothing worse than having your San Diego kitchen remodeling project unable to get through the doors...pun intended!

Take away all the confusion and leverage our extensive experience in San Diego kitchen remodeling by contacting us today.


During your San Diego remodeling project, most likely, at some point, you will be encountering glass. From the shower glass or custom framed mirror in you San Diego bathroom remodel to the glass tile backsplash in your new custom San Diego kitchen remodel, that hard, mostly see through stuff abounds in today's remodeling industry. Let's face it, glass is cool. From the clear, frameless stuff to the precious metal impregnated hand shaped pieces, it's hard to deny the crystal clear reality that there is an allure to glass. It is durable, beautiful, functional and, when needed, structural.

When planning your home improvement project with your interior designer or San Diego remodeling contractor, be sure to note early in the process your wish to incorporate glass. They should be able to guide you as to some of the best places to enhance the beauty of either your kitchen remodel or bath remodel (not to mention any other portion of your San Diego home remodel) with glass tile, panels, windows, countertops, sinks or any of the other myriad glass products available.

Contact us to find out more about some of the award winning projects we've completed that have incorporated glass.


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